Our Team

THE HANSEN ORGANIZATION IS HIGHLY QUALIFIED, dedicated and has an enviable record of performance. Hansen has structured and innovated hundreds of licensing arrangements. Hansen, by its participation and position, is current on the thinking, attitudes and actions of licensors, licensees, retailers and consumers.

Hansen is involved in the major diversified aspects of fashion licensing and has had dealings and contacts with the major licensors and licensees in all product categories. Equally effective are the unique, comprehensive, individualized solicitations and/or presentations which are directed to preselected, screened potentials identified by Hansen.

Our Executive Team


Ms. Hansen’s career began at Revlon International and Thomas Supply & Equipment of Canada as Advertising and Merchandising Manager with extensive travel throughout the country in connection with in-store promotions, local appearances on TV talk shows and radio interviews to launch new product lines established in the USA.

Next, she was Director of Licensing for Christian Dior NewYork/Paris responsible for negotiations with prospective licensees, supervising the marketing of new designer products, their publicity and advertising.

Then Ms Hansen was appointed President of Botany Products Corporation overseeing the selection of Botany licensees to supply product to over 100 Botany-owned specialty stores and other retail accounts. Before starting her own company, she was Director of Licensing for Fruit of the Loom, BVD and Vice President of Northwest Licensing, a subsidiary of Northwest Industries, the parent company of FOL and BVD.

Ms. Hansen was a founding member of LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association).

SCOTT J. MENDELSON, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF JOAN HANSEN & COMPANY, INC., has spent his entire career in the fashion industry with wide ranging experiences in sales, marketing, merchandise planning, brand development, acquisition due diligence, financial analysis and business operations. In 1999, Hansen purchased the assets and intellectual property rights of the world famous Koret leather handbag and accessories company and named Mr. Mendelson its President; the brand was subsequently licensed to several companies and sold to Chateau Group in 2011. In 2009, Hansen and JVR Group entered into a joint venture and named Mr. Mendelson President of International Business Development and Strategic Partnerships; JVR Group is a distinguished leader within the high-end designer footwear manufacturing industry. In 2011, Mr. Mendelson (on behalf of Hansen) entered into a joint venture with Alfilo WFC to structure and manage equity-linked and IPO-backed licensing programs for American and European fashion and lifestyle brands wishing to enter or expand into Asia and Brazil.

Mr. Mendelson received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with Concentration in Finance, from Boston University and CTA Degree, with Concentration in Database Application Development and Design, from Columbia University.

Mr. Mendelson has concluded numerous high-profile licensing transactions, including sales of privately held business, divestitures for private companies, mergers, and financing.  Furthermore, Mr. Mendelson has developed an expertise in assisting companies restructure troubled operations. Whether involved in a license or franchise, or acquisition or divestiture, or raising debt or equity for a client, or assisting in turning around a troubled business, he has helped put companies back on solid ground through a variety of possible solutions while assisting the clients’ banks, factors, attorneys, and accountants.

Mr. Mendelson thinks at the highest strategic levels and has an accomplished enviable track record and perspective. He thrives in environments where he can bring cross-functional interests together to accomplish complex and integrated objectives. He has been a guest speaker at licensing-related seminars in Hong Kong, mainland China and USA.


With a total of 18 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Yuko has a long line of successful business achievements under her belt. Her main focus with Joan Hansen will be on efforts to introduce American fashion lines to major international markets including in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Previously, Yuko was employed as a New York representative with Tokyo Style Co., a major apparel company based in Tokyo, where she managed fashion licensing and business development efforts between major American fashion brands and companies in Japan, Hong Kong and China. Most notably, Yuko spearheaded the successful efforts to bring and launch the Rebecca Minkoff brand to the Japanese market. She is also responsible for building strong relationships with Nanette Lepore and Haute Hippie in these markets.

Yuko began her career with Tomen America, Inc. where she served as primary liaison between such brands as Everlast, Woolrich, and ZooYork, and Japanese fashion companies. Tomen eventually merged with Toyota Tsusho America, an another major Japanese trading company. As a result of the merger, the Textiles and Apparel departments were integrated. Yuko was instrumental in leading the consolidation effort in the tumultuous early stages of the new partnership.

Yuko grew up in a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. She moved to the U.S. in 1990. Yuko attended SUNY Purchase where she graduated with a BFA degree in Fine Arts and Design in 1994.

Tom Zeng, a highly analytical and strategic thinker, is JOAN HANSEN & COMPANY’S SVP of Business Development.  In his current role, Tom is responsible for cross-boarder business development and licensing-related initiatives.

Prior to joining JHCO, Tom served as President at Gantry Group’s China operations for 8 years, as well as multiple top-level management positions in European and American multinational companies for their business startup and operations in China; Tom has served as a board member of Beijing Huaxia Sai Ke Ltd, a pioneering company that kick started social psychology practice and education in China, and was a partner of Sun King Investment Ltd. – a boutique private equity firm in China.

In his early career, Tom worked in print media, TV broadcasting, publishing and market intelligence industry and gained valuable insights into China and developed robust connections with various government agencies and large state-owned and private enterprises.

Tom graduated from Yanshan University with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  He received an MBA degree from Renmin University of China and is a Wharton alumni (AMP36) from University of Pennsylvania.

Patrick Kim, is JOAN HANSEN & COMPANY’S SVP of Brand Licensing and Business Development.  Patrick has over 8 years experience in brand licensing and management working for various licensing companies as a senior manager in charge of international business development.

He has developed Licensing Programs for internationally famous fashion brands in Korea and throughout Asia, and has experience in Mergers and Acquisitions as well as networks to B2B/B2C. Patrick understands how to manage and protect intellectual properties with trademark laws.

Xiao Feng Wu, Founder and Chairman of MIANYE

Xiao Feng Wu began his career in 1979 working in a China State owned enterprise, overseeing the manufacture and marketing of all textile products for its subsidiary apparel company (also founded by Mr. Wu).

In 1992, Mr. Wu exited the China State company and founded his own consultancy firm focused on brand development of high-end department store and shopping mall domestic distribution in the China market.

In 1996, Mr. Wu established Shanghai Haobo Industrial Co., Ltd. to promote his own apparel brand in the PRC while focusing his attention on Key Accounts including Walmart, Carrefour, etc.

In 2002, Mr. Wu established Shanghai Mianye to license well-known international brands and secured exclusive rights to Playboy.  Subsequently, in 2004, Pepsi granted exclusivity to Shanghai Mianye for home textiles in China and sales continue to outpace expectations at every level.

In 2009, Mr. Wu established Hong Kong Mianye to build an international brand management company for companies wishing to conduct business in the China market through innovative licensing and franchising strategies.  By combining domestic design + supply chain management + multi level distribution channels, brands are able to adapt to China’s ever changing tastes and needs in real time.  To date, Hong Kong Mianye has partnered with many global brands, including Manchester United, Lamborghini, AC Milan, Juventus, FCB, Trump, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Aspen, Sherlock Holmes to name a few.  Simultaneously in 2009, Mr. Wu established an e-commerce company to address the needs of its clients and is able to help connect brands to the major e-commerce platforms driving business in China today.