Business Plan Outline

(Please print, complete and return questionnaire via e-mail, fax or post office mail.)

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Company: Title:
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1. To promptly evaluate your request to be granted a license to utilize the Licensed trademark, please submit a brief business plan in the form of a letter answering the questions outlined in each section below. Detailed description of the product(s) you want to license and how you intend to incorporate the Licensed trademark(s) with them.

2. What do you see as the benefits of identifying your products with the Licensed trademark(s)?

Market Analysis

1. Describe the typical customer for this product.

2. State the main selling season(s) for these products.

3. What is your estimate of the total annual industry sales of these products?

4. What is your estimated percentage market share of that industry?

5. Is the market for these products increasing, decreasing, or stable?

6. What other licenses does your company have for these products?

Marketing Strategy

1. Describe specifically how you will market and distribute these products.

2. List the types of stores and/or distributors (e.g., department stores, specialty stores, sporting goods stores, mass merchandisers, Discounters, catalog showrooms, military, other) that will sell these products and who your major account(s) are in each type.

3. Will your distribution of Licensed products be regional, national, or international (please list countries)?

4. Sales force:

• Number of sales people directly employed by you.

• Number of sales representatives or manufacturer’s reps that you use.

5. What type of advertising and/or promotion do you plan to use for promoting the sale of Licensed products?

6. List any trade shows where you will be exhibiting the licensed products.

Manufacturing & Development Strategy

1. Is your styling, design/artwork done internally or externally?

2. Who will manufacture these products and where?

3. Describe the manufacturing facilities.

4. Is quality control done as part of the manufacturing process, as a final inspection or both? Please describe.

5. Will the licensed products be tested by an accredited testing bureau? If yes, please attach copy of testing results from current samples.


1. Pricing: Estimated wholesale selling price and estimated retail selling price for each product classification.

2. Projected annual sales for each product classification during the initial three-year period.

Additional Information
Please include the following information, if available:

  • Annual report or latest financial data.
  • Any additional information that you feel will assist us in our evaluation process.
  • Sales/product catalog.
  • Newspaper/magazine articles about your company.