Getting Started


Licensing, when done correctly, can be quite complicated. However, it is a game that everyone can get involved in. At Hansen, we take the time to walk you through the entire process no matter where you are right now. We take you step-by-step and explain what your options are for getting started and how to determine your best approach.

The Hansen organization provides our clients with expert guidance through the licensing process, from strategy development to commercialization. Our goal is to  help our clients understand, manage, protect and leverage their brand and/or intellectual property by developing a strategic plan that supports the business goals.

The Hansen organization continuously maintains reference and research data on companies who represent potential licensees and licensors; we monitor thousands of companies, which are in appropriate market areas and have the requisite resources to be licensees or licensors. The unique information in our files is based upon financial data secured from commercial services and public records, special inquiries and surveys, and specific contacts, all of which are analyzed and classified.

Our reports and studies furnish reference sources for and facilitate licensing development. These materials cover merchandising plans, marketing plans, advertising and promotion, production planning, financial analyses and projections, contract preparation and problems, and analyses of market conditions.

Here are some forms and additional information to get you started: