THE HANSEN ORGANIZATION EXCELS AT ADVISING CLIENTS as to whether they are qualified and the degree of success that may be achieved, product categories that will lend themselves to licensing, availability of licensed names or brands, pricing and positioning requirements, potential royalty terms and contract conditions, and the problems and pitfalls in launching and maintaining the licensing program.

Hansen's ongoing extensive participation in markets and with products equips Hansen to monitor and evaluate licensees' qualitative and financial performances. Hansen directs Licensors' attention to Licensees' activities and results, and suggests actions for the benefit of the Licensors and Licensees.

We have reports and studies that furnish reference sources for and facilitate licensing development. These materials are prepared by the Hansen organization in response to clients' needs or as a result of our creative initiative; the major projects covered are merchandising plans, marketing plans, advertising and promotion, participation, production planning, financial analyses and projections, contract preparation and resolutions, and analyses of market conditions and financial appraisals.

The Hansen organization is equipped to service companies of all sizes with licensing and financial needs. Compensation to Hansen can be structured on a fee basis, on a percentage basis, or a combination thereof.

Below is a list of services performed by the Hansen Organization.

  • Licensing program feasibility
  • Evaluation and critique of existing licensing programs
  • Structuring of licensing terms and conditions
  • Market surveys
  • Financial analyses of licensees and programs
  • Banking/financing qualification profiles
  • Advertising guidance for licensing and marketing
  • Computer applications in marketing
  • Participation in location of potential sellers and buyers
  • Securing of financing


  • Formulation and establishment of licensing programs
  • Negotiating licensing arrangements/agreements
  • Merchandising and marketing programs
  • Preparation of licensing manuals
  • Marketing/licensing plans
  • Sales/acquisitions evaluations
  • Market-value appraisals of businesses and licensing programs
  • Acquisitions and sales of entities
  • Negotiations between parties, and consummation of agreements
  • Organizational planning and training